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Over the Powder and Through the Woods

The last few weeks I’ve been relaxing and enjoying my break. Tonight I am flying to NYC and then going back to school in a few days. Yesterday my dad and I skied at Alpine Meadows. It was snowing and the visibility was really low in the morning but skiing between the pine trees was beautiful:

After six years of planning to go skiing with my friend Stephanie, we finally went and it was a beautiful day at Heavenly. It was interesting because clouds had formed over Lake Tahoe so we really couldn’t see the lake:

Heavenly is one of the biggest mountains in California – it actually straddles California and Nevada and you can ski from one state to the other because the state line goes through the mountain. So if you want to buy gear, go to Nevada – no sales tax.

This Tuesday I attempted to make macarons for the first time. The book I was using told me I would fail the first time. My macarons came out okay but the cookies weren’t the consistency I wanted and the cream filling wasn’t completely to my liking. I’ll try attempt number two next time I am home.

And I leave you with a photo of the drive home from Heavenly:

Enjoy the rest of the week. I’ll try and write something from the snowy coast.

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