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That City By the Bay

I left my heart in San Francisco/ High on a hill, it calls to me/To be where little cable cars/Climb halfway to the stars!/The morning fog may chill the air/I don’t care!/My love waits there in San Francisco/Above the blue and windy sea/When I come home to you, San Francisco/Your golden sun will shine for me! – Tony Bennett “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”

Happy 2010! The day following the worldwide hangover (also known as New Years Day) my parents and I took a trip to San Francisco. There are nice overlooks on both sides of the bridge as you drive in/out of the city:

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the great state of California. It’s really the unique blend of beautiful nature being so accessible in a big city that gets me. Fun fact: Golden Gate Park is larger than Central Park in New York City.

The first stop on our trip was the Legion of Honor Museum. They had an exhibit about Cartier and America. The exhibit can be summed up as exquisite jewels that the privileged few back in the late 1800s and 1900s were able to buy. The museum is set on a hill above the city with sweeping views of the ocean and Golden Gate:

Oh and it fits the French museum building to a tee. They even have a mini Louvre pyramid on the inside of this courtyard:

There is a golf course right next to the museum and these are the views you get while playing (maybe I should start golfing?):

The holiday decorations were still up all over the city. It’s funny looking at a Christmas tree standing under a palm tree – but it’s that uniqueness about California that I love:

And of course in San Francisco there are the world famous cable cars. This one is a major tourist stop and the line to get on is huge. I’ve taken a cable car at night (without waiting in any line) from the opposite side of the city to get back to the center and it was a nice ride:

San Francisco is a large city which meant I was on the prowl for macarons. Sadly, I’ve come to a conclusion – they have become popular, easier to find, and not that great. I think La Boulange is a chain and although the macarons were better than the ones from Dean and Deluca in NYC, they still weren’t anything compared to the worst ones I had in Paris. We did have dinner at a nice French restaurant called Chez Spencer. The waitress was from Paris so we chatted in French and she gave me the name of a good macaron shop in the city so next time I’m in San Francisco you know where I’ll be heading.

The next day we hit up the deYoung Museum. They have interesting artifacts and paintings spanning all of existence. There is also a nine-story tower with great views of the park and the city:

Across from the deYoung is the California Academy of Sciences which has domes with plants growing on its roof:

Not far from the deYoung are Haight and Ashbury Streets. These two streets were famous in the late 60s free-love-wear-a-flower-in-your-hair days. The street has become a little gentrified (there is a Ben and Jerry’s now) but there are still interesting people walking around and remnants of the good old days:

This photo is a view of the city from the outlook just off of the Golden Gate:

Best of luck with the work week ahead. I’m going to be doing some work as well as summer internship searching.

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