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Making Some Turns

Skiing:  the art of catching cold and going broke while rapidly heading nowhere at great personal risk. -Author Unknown

Well the above quote is pretty true but it’s the ‘rapidly heading nowhere’ that is so alluring. My dad came into my room at 6 a.m. and woke me up  and as we drove up to the mountains on the way to Auburn we saw a beautiful sunrise:

We skied Sugar Bowl for the day which is one of my favorite Tahoe resorts. Simply put it’s not too big not too small just a great day mountain. And I believe that this is Donner Lake as seen from the top of Sugar Bowl:

Yes, by Donner I mean that pioneer party that got trapped in these mountains and later resorted to cannibalism. Our day was much less eventful and the morning was great but it got cloudy in the afternoon:

I have to agree with the part about going broke in the quote above. A lift ticket is somewhere between $70-80, lunch is $10-15, and gas and driving are never cheap. Skiing has sadly become an elite sport and with the economy recovering the mountain was not as busy the day after Christmas as I would have expected:

Speaking of Christmas, my mom and I cooked. A great easy and fancy salad I learned to make in France involves pears, walnuts, Roquefort cheese (you can use a strong blue cheese to substitute) and well salad (the French prefer endives):

And you always need the cheese and meat platter. I found some Comte cheese at Trader Joe’s which was good as well as the standard Brie, and we tried a Manchego from Spain which was not overpowering and quite nice.

Wishing everyone a good end to the week and a Happy 2010. I’ll be writing again next year.

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