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That Time of Year

For Thanksgiving I headed to my aunt and uncle’s house in the suburbs of Baltimore. After tons of food, going for a walk in the woods is always nice. I saw these red berries and it made me realize that Christmas is close (well after I get through the next three weeks of work and final paper writing!).

As far as the food update, my aunt and I share a love for pumpkin flavored foods. Trader Joe’s make a delicious pumpkin flavored pancake mix. Too bad pumpkin is really only a seasonal flavor.

The next photo below is a nice reminder of the fact that you can never escape the modern world – even in the woods.

Below is Moose. My aunt and uncle and cousins are the people who feed him. He likes to swim after sticks:

After Baltimore I took a Bolt bus to New York City. I’m going to do a promo for them because for $16 one-way with free wireless it is totally worth it. The holiday decorations are up all over the City. I’ll be flying back to the best coast (the West coast) from NYC so I’ll take some photos of the commercial winter wonderland and post those in the next few weeks. Till then, good luck with everything before the holidays.

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