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Ice, Ice, Ouch!

Midterms: check. October break: check. So life has been a bit busy, okay super busy, so that’s why you need October break (sadly I am now back at school wondering how the time went by so quickly)! I took Metro North down to New York City and before I could take a breath I was sitting second row in Madison Square Garden at a Rangers vs. Devils game.

Fighting it out

I don’t pretend to know anything about hockey but when Victor said he had tickets I said why not? So turns out when you see them violently smashing each other against the high-grade plastic on TV it is nothing compared to actually being there (did you know helmets weren’t always required?!?).


The Rangers didn’t win but it was a fun experience. I’m still a bit confused by hockey. With most sports you can make a blanket stereotype statement as to the kinds of people that attend them, but with hockey I’m not quite sure what that is.

On Saturday we spent some time walking around the East Village. We went to Butter Lane and bought some gourmet cupcakes (I love that everywhere you go now you can get seasonal pumpkin flavor). We walked by an empty lot that had a fence with some barbed wire up. Someone had decided to decorate the wire:

Metal Meets Knitting

Rows of Knitting

We strolled around for awhile but it was raining on and off. This was a nice small park:

Fountain in the Rain

I really just liked the fact that this building had a huge clock:

What time is it?

I guess New Yorkers will do anything for a hot dog (even sit in the rain):

Hot Dog in the Rain

But, then again, who am I to judge? I would do just about anything for a macaron.


Becca and I went to Dean and Deluca and I was surprised to find some macarons. They weren’t the greatest things I had ever tried (I was underwhelmed with the pistachio and vanilla) but the raspberry was quite nice.

And It Feels So Good

Well now I am back in a grey and rainy Conneticut and I have class again tomorrow. Hope it’s sunny in your part of the woods.

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  1. Severin Avgustin #

    The Building that you like is the Met Life South Tower Building; 1 Madison Avenue [East wing 1893, Tower 1909 by Napoleon LeBrun & Sons]

    Built on the site of a Gothic Revival building which housed the New York Academy of Design, the company’s original Main Building was demolished in the 1950s in order to make way for this twelve story structure. Corresponding to the original office block, Napoleon LeBrun & Sons’ 1909 office tower is based on the campanile (clock and bell tower) at St. Mark’s Church in Venice. Graced with an enourmous clock on each of its four sides, the 700-foot structure was the tallest in the city until the completion of the Woolworth Building. The building’s traditional appearance belied state-of-the-art technology systems which included high speed elevators. The tower was stripped of its ornamental details during an aggressive remodeling campaign in the 1960s.

    October 30, 2009

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