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An Apple A Day

There is a certain smell that New England gets in the fall. Nothing like the smell of fall in California. The air is crisp. It’s perfect right now, not too many coats – vest weather. The leaves have started changing color and some of them are so fiery – I almost forget that I miss palm trees during this season…almost.

It’s the annual tradition this time of year to go apple picking at Lyman’s Orchard in Middlefield, Connecticut.

Rows of Apples

Lyman’s is a huge orchard and they also have pears, peaches, and berries when it is the season. We stuck with apples. I picked a few pounds of red and green apples and I plan on baking something soon. Maybe a tarte tatin. I miss France…but if I can’t be there I can eat the food.

Red and Delicious

I wasn’t able to restrain myself – I ate an apple before I went to pay. It was delicious and I don’t regret it one bit.

Pick me

There was also a pumpkin patch. This photo with the pumpkin looks weirdly photoshop-ed but I promise the pumpkin was really just sitting there.

Pumpkin pie
I complain about CT sometimes but really when you start driving around it is a lovely place (when it’s not gray and rainy outside).

On the Road

A pond

Leaving the orchard I noticed this barn so I stuck my camera out the car window and surprisingly the photo came out clear. Go me.

New England Charm

So in about eleven days I have my fall break so I will try and post something over break because until then I have lots to read and an exam to study for. Hope this new week finds everyone well. It’s another Monday…

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