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Summer is Out of Reach…

Being the first day of October, (and boy is it getting cold here already this year) I thought it only ironically appropriate to write about my last day of summer – at the beach. So after my birthday in New York we headed out to the beach. One slight problem – I was not told this would be happening and I did not have a bathing suit with me. Thus begins the difficult path of getting to the beach:

To the Beach

Rules, rules, rules

I thought to myself NYC is that one city in the world where you can find anything. So we began the search at Macy’s. This store claims to have an entire swimwear section. Slight issue, when it’s the first weekend in September they remove the swimwear and add winter coats. Okay so what about a surf shop? I went to Billabong (and later Roxy) which in California sells bathing suits. So I asked the sales person, “Do you have any bathing suits?” His lovely reply, “Honey you are about four weeks too late.” Wait, what?!?! You are a surf company. Needless to say the search took us all around the City and was fruitless.

Sand and Surf

More Niceness

So I finally bought a bathing suit at a shop in the beach town (okay I was still aggravated, why couldn’t I find one in NYC?) And then I saw this sign which was just too fitting to not photograph:

Rules Part II

But the beach was lovely and it really was that last warm summer weekend. Here is a photo of the bay:

Dock of the Bay

I like different modes of transportation. So to get back to Wesleyan I took a ferry from Port Jefferson, NY to Bridgeport, CT. It was a quick trip and I saw some nice views on the way out. But I must say that the NY side is much nicer, not that I don’t like CT.


Out to Sea

And So It Ends

How many days until May and next summer? Ah, c’est la vie, I’ll have to wait. Hopefully I’ll post some photos of New England fall soon. But with school, work and Argus (which you should all read: I’ll have to find sometime to get outside to take those!

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