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In a New York State of Mind

A city so great they named it twice – New York, NY. -exuberant flight attendant

Well I have fallen behind on blogging because school started and I am busy with classes and newspaper and a job to start soon. But to catch up, I flew to the East Coast a few weeks ago and spent about five days in the City before heading up to Connecticut. So of course a Central Park stroll was in order:

Central Park

Game of Checkers

It was quite muggy on the day of the stroll so people were getting into the fountains:

Feet in Fountain

Even the turtles looked a little tired from the heat:

Hello Mr. Turtle

Our stroll took us to the John Lennon Memorial. Lennon was killed not too far from this spot (outside of the park).

Imagine all the people...

So you know how people say that stereotypes come from some truth? Well, rats do really live in the City (here is the photographic proof). The kicker with this is that below these steps where the rats were hanging out there was a restaurant. Guess I know where I won’t be going to dinner, unless they are like Ratatouille.

Rats, look at the rats.

Recently a new park, The High Line, has opened in the City.  There used to be subway tracks here (and now the grass just grows on top of them). This park is elevated and you get a nice view out to where the Statue of Liberty is. The catch with this park is the all glass hotel that straddles it. People come to watch the people and what they are doing in their rooms because you can actually see clearly inside. A little weird if you ask me.

Glass Hotel

Old Train Tracks

View of the Road

Hopefully I’ll find some free time next week to post about my birthday at the US Open and the beach. Till then I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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