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Capital, Just Capital

Well East Coast girls are hip/I really dig those styles they wear/And the Southern girls with the way they talk/They knock me out when I’m down there/The mid-west farmers daughters really make you feel alright/And the Northern girls with the way they kiss/They keep their boyfriends warm at night/I wish they all could be California/I wish they all could be California/I wish they all could be California girls – The Beach Boys “California Girls”

Well you can’t argue with The Beach Boys. We took a trip two miles up the highway from Santa Cruz to Capitola. Capitola is another charming seaside town with a nice albeit small downtown area to walk around it. The flavor here is a bit different from Santa Cruz, but it’s the beach so I enjoyed it.


Out to Sea

Life Guard

There are these wonderfully colorful houses (mom take note, I think the house needs a another coat of color):

Sun and Rainbows

Side Rainbow

Now time for the food section! We had dinner at Shadowbrook which is inland from the beach but has a nice view out over the river.


The restaurant’s gimmicky claim is taking an elevator-like trolley from the parking lot above to the restaurant on the river’s edge. You can also walk down through the gardens which are nice. The food was good, but I think the hype around this place is a bit over the top.


On the way back to Sacramento, my parents and I always stop in Gilroy. Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world. When you start to approach the town you can smell the garlic in the air, and as you get closer the smell intensifies. They have an annual garlic festival where every imaginable food is made using garlic. And that includes ice cream! In the wintertime on the way home my parents tried chocolate flavored garlic ice cream and they enjoyed it. This time the roadside stand only had vanilla. I admit that I was oddly intrigued for two reasons: 1. I love garlic (I cook with it all the time in excessive amounts) 2. I love ice cream (I eat excessive amounts). Could combining the two be the world’s greatest idea or was it just a bad idea? I peeled back the paper cover and took a very small bite to get the flavor and as Emeril says, “BAM!” It felt as though I had bitten into a raw clove of garlic (my parents say I am exaggerating but it was a bit overpowering for me). I struggled through half my cup and then my dad gladly had the rest. I think I need to try the chocolate flavor (a bit less strong on the garlic) before I can make a judgement here. But let me say this, it was an experience.

Friend or Foe?

Garlic, Garlic, Garlic!!!

Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the weekend. I am heading back East in a few days, so more to come in the next week.

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