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Hot Time Summer By the River

It is funny, when you live close to something (especially for all of your life) you tend to take it for granted. So I decided to drive about five minutes from my house and take a stroll along the American River.


Down by the banks

I used to come out here a lot when I was a kid. It is clearly rafting season (and of course no one is wearing a life vest and everyone is drinking, that’s how it goes):


I had fun taking some photos (and crossing my fingers that these kids were good swimmers because the current was quite strong):

Jump, jump

It was a nice walk and I think I forget how nice the area that I grew up in really is.


Bridge over water

Now for the food update. All of the blackberries and peaches needed to be eaten so I used a recipe from Cooking Light Magazine (good magazine, bad name) and baked a galette using corn meal. It is already gone (must have done a decent job).



Here’s to the upcoming weekend. I have about 600 prints from my trips to organize.

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