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Hills and Home

Unintentionally, my last few days in London involved exploring Primrose Hill and Notting Hill…see a theme? From Primrose Hill there is a nice view out above London. Also it is a lovely walk back down through Regents Park.

View of London from Primrose

Regents Park is full of rose bushes and charming (as long as they are not your own) children playing cricket (which I found to be wonderfully stereotypical and British).

Anyone for a game?

Tree Line(d)

There is also a canal that one has to cross to get into the park (the London Zoo is also in this park) which has barges and reminded me a bit of the canals in Amsterdam:


This afternoon after my exam and after lunch at a fun sushi place where you sit at a bar and food rotates on a conveyor belt (which leads you to take more food and spend more money than intended), I headed to Notting Hill to find Hugh Grant or just bargain shop (the later and not former happened). Portobello is a great street and has fun house paint colors:

Yellow, Blue and Others

Sadly the weather was being very English, just look at those ominous clouds (which of course led to a huge downpour for about 15 minutes):


Well all of my bags are nearly packed and I am getting myself mentally ready for my long flight home tomorrow. England, it has been fun. God save the Queen and all of that good stuff and Europe we will meet soon again if I have any say in it. It has been a trip to say the least. Here is the count: 7 months, 8 countries, 2 islands, 1 principality and 4 cellphones! Hope to post some photos of California adventures (I have decided to take advantage of my hometown and the great nature around and explore places that I have taken for granted for years) soon. Till then, happy weekend everyone!

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