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Quick – The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming!

The moment finally came this past weekend when I was able to make a “the British are coming” joke, because actually they were coming towards us:

Red Coats

On Saturday a friend and I decided to take a tour outside of the city. The main stops were Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath (it was one of these bus tours and for 64 pounds, including entrance tickets, was a good deal, Premium tours if you are interested). We got on the bus and noticed that there was a large group of Japanese tourists. Our guide was the quintessential older British women. She began explaining our day and then all of sudden started speaking fluent Japanese – it was a bit mind-blowing.

As I said, our first stop was to pay the Queen a visit (she was home, the flag was up). Sadly my people must not have gotten in touch with her people soon enough because I was not invited for tea (my people have since lost their jobs).

A Country Home

Windsor is everything you would expect from a castle fit for royalty:

Tower Power

The part beyond the fence is where they keep the flat screen TVs and everything else (aka the part where the Queen lives).

Where the Queen Lives

During our drive in the country we saw some traditional thatch roof houses:

Thatched Roof

The next stop was by far the best of the day. Okay, I am exaggerating this. Stonehenge must be one of the most talked up things on this Earth and it really just ends up being a large pile of rocks. Nonetheless, I was thoroughly amused and proceeded to take lots of photos. Diana and I also made a nice friend. His name was Arthur. He is a Druid. He discovered he was a Druid when he met other Druids. He told us he really likes nature. Nice guy:

New Best Friend

And here it is in all of its glory:

Awesome Rocks

More Awesomeness

Next up was the town of Bath. Bath really is charming. Jane Austen lived here and we drove by her home.


Before going to see the Roman baths, we made the right choice of afternoon hot chocolate (dark amazing melted chocolate) and scones. Scones are one thing that the Brits have done incredibly well (and the creme and jam that comes with it isn’t shaddy either):


In the town of Bath we noticed some odd Donnie Darko-esque scultpures…hmm…

Donnie Darko

Then Diana and I made another new friend. He was a Roman soldier. Now he just hangs out at the Roman baths (which happen to be the only thermal baths in England).

Second BFF

I went against the signs and touched the water, it is actually pretty warm. A dip would have been nice:


Care for a dip?

And on the way back into London we had about 2.5 hours of nice country views:

In the Land of Jane Austen

Alright back to studying for me, final exam on Friday and then Saturday *gulp* I am finally going back to the States. Weird to think that since I have been gone a new President has been leading our country and California has finally decided on a budget. I’ve also decided to keep this blog for future travels, my writings, things I cook, and because it keeps me taking photos on a regular basis. The posts probably won’t be as frequent when fall semester beings, but I will continue posting. Look for one last post from England in the upcoming days.

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  1. aliceyqy #

    hi Lydia!

    this is Yan, from IR245. nice pictures you’ve got! I went to Bath before LSE summer school began. it’s a really charming and quaint town =)

    all the best for finals!

    July 22, 2009

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