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I See London…

Nothing is certain in London but expense. – William Shenstone

Still playing catch-up, this post is about my adventures from last weekend which are nothing compared to this weekend but like any good TV show you will have to stayed tuned for that in another posting. As far as London being quite expensive – it is. And as if converting in my head wasn’t getting me down enough, I decided that last Friday I needed to go to Harrods (the Mecca of all department stores). It was incredibly overwhelming to say the least (think everything you could ever want to buy and an entire room on the food floor devoted to chocolate). However, it was very interesting people watching; from posh Londoners to veiled women from the Middle East. If you are wondering if I bought anything, the answer is no, looking was quite enough.

The next day I decided to pay the Tower of London a proper visit. And I bumped into some old friends:

Tower People

The Tower houses the crown jewels as well as foreboding looking towers where naughty people were usually kept before they were disposed of in one way or another.

Not a Happy Place

The guards that work at the Tower actually live there. I don’t think they live in these cute houses though:

House Guard

The Tower is also home to London’s famous ravens. If the ravens ever disappear it won’t be a good thing for London, or so the story goes:


After an over-priced panino (because panini is the plural) I went to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. It was neat because the actors were rehearsing for the opening of a new show so our tour stayed and watched about 30 minutes of an epic battle sequence:

To Be or Not to Be

Speaking of actors, I walk through Covent Garden often and there are always performers doing something silly and usually telling the same jokes as other performers:

Flying Knives

This Friday, we went on the annual LSE river boat disco (which after a few hours and high drink prices stops being fun rather quickly). The views of London from the Thames were beautiful and the clouds and sky were especially beautiful after a day of rain:

Thames Clouds

Looking Up

Best of luck to everyone starting a new week. Oh Monday…

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