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London Calling

After a week of classes (I am now procrastinating and not doing work – isn’t that what Sunday nights are for?) I am a bit tired. My class is interesting and there are people from all over the world which makes for good discussions. But again, I must play catch up so I will be writing about the glorious sunny days Alana and I had before she went back to the States and before I started class and before it started raining (yes, London can be dreary and depressing).

Union Jack

Alana and I were productive in our sightseeing. In the museum realm, we visited the British Museum (below) where we saw the Rosetta Stone (and of course they have wonderful artifacts that the British stole from all over the world). We also visited the Tate Modern which I highly recommend if you are a fan of modern art.

British Museum

But since the weather was so nice it was hard to stay indoors, but to get places one must take the Underground (which has some of the scariest escalators in a Metro system). The Tube is a bit disappointing; the Metro in Paris was much more regular and had fewer technical issues.


Down, down, down

On our many walks we saw interesting people. I like the way school kids have to dress here:


There are many pianos all over the city which are there for anyone to play. I think it is a nice idea:

Play It

And of course there are some amusing street performers. We saw this one right before we got on the London Eye (an overpriced but once in a lifetime necessary ride):

Lost My Head

We got to see some nice views from the Eye and I can’t complain about the weather we had:

Fancy Ride

Behind the Bars

View from the Park

After we got off the Eye we stood by the river for a little. A young girl was blowing some bubbles:


The next day Alana and I went to Westminster Abbey (which by the way had the best audio guide of any place I have been to). So after a morning of religion we went to Leister Square to buy theater tickets. Turns out we stumbled into the middle of the Gay Pride parade. That only means one thing – can you guess? Boy George! Yes the man(?) himself was there so we listened to him sing (he is wearing the pink top hat in this photo, okay start playing Where is Boy George?):

Boy oh Boy

Really, it was a fantastic day. I hope everyone has a good Monday. I will post more in the next few days and hopefully finally catch-up with my posts.

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