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But of course, this is Corse!

After five sunny days in Paris we took the TGV down to Marseille. It was a fast train ride and we had lunch. It was a very hot day but not knowing when / if ever I would be in Marseille again, I had to try a bouillabaisse (traditional fish and vegetable stew) for lunch, and it was tasty even if it was looking back at me:

Bad Day to be a Crab

Marseille is France’s second largest city and a major port city. We were there because of the port. We decided to take an overnight ferry to Bastia, Corsica.


It was a nice ferry ride. The ferry was more of a mini cruise ship and on the way out of Marseille we got a nice view of Chateau d’If (where the Count of Monte Cristo was fictionally imprisoned):

Monte Cristo

We arrived in Corsica very early in the morning and were greeted by the island lifestyle (buses, trains and transportation on the island aren’t practical, you really need a car to get around):

Corsica Cat

But I must say, I enjoyed the island lifestlye. Corsica also has a lot of regional products such as wild boar meat, goat cheeses, Cap Corse (an apertif) and its own Cola:

This isn't Coca

Bastia is a port city and it has a nice Old Port and I found it to be a pretty city:

Pink Flowers, Blue Sky


Vieux Port

There is a citadel up on the hill and you can walk down onto some cliffs through a passageway:


We decided to go on a coastal bike ride (and that was tiring but the views were worth it). We stopped in Erbalunga and Miomo, both towns had old fortress towers along the coast:

All this beauty

Blue Water

The Beach

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