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Lounging in Lyon

After a few terrific days we flew to Lyon, the culinary capital of France, where we did not go undernourished. Lyon is one of France’s largest cities and also one of the oldest. All of the bridges were destroyed during WWII but now have been rebuilt and they added lights:

Lyon under the lights

And here is a daytime view:

Daytime View

On the top of the above pictured hill is a beautiful church (I will be the first to admit I don’t like going to look at churches anymore because they have all started to look somewhat the same) but this church is unique because it is dedicated to Virgin Mary and the entire inside of the church is covered in mosaic:

Tiled Up

After leaving the church I was a bit baffled,”Eiffel Tower, what are you doing here?” But as it turns out this wannabe is a radio transmission tower:

There's Another!

Lyon has impressive Roman ruins and a nice museum which explains the history. I thought it was cool when I found out that the amphitheater is still used today and they actually have an amazing summer line-up of concerts featuring performers like Tracy Chapman.

Roman Ruins

Since my parents were blessed with beautiful weather during their trip, I profited with ice cream. We tried some rose flavored gelato while in Lyon and it was amazing. The place is called Nardone and their selection of flavors is amazing and added bonus, they are open late.

Calm, Warm Days

Now I must describe the meal which will live on forever as legend among my parents and I. This four course meal at the restaurant Le Tire Bouchon (corkscrew) started off with the holy trilogy of French cuisine: frog legs, snails and goose liver. Which are all unique and quite tasty. Then we moved onto the main course. I had some perfectly cooked lamb leg in a raspberry cream sauce. This course was followed by the cheese course (I was so full already). And the cheese was followed by dessert. I think this may have been the most tiring meal of my life. But good thing we had done a lot of walking earlier in the day (in the hipster section of town). I spotted some cool street art on our walk:

Love is a Unique Sense/Feeling

Thinking of all of this food makes me tired. If you get a chance to spend a day or two in Lyon, go. The food is wonderful (and the average restaurant is much more reasonably priced than Paris) and the people are also pleasant.

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