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Ceci n’est pas un rêve

Went back to Belgium with my parents to visit my aunt and uncle and we went for a walk around downtown. Little did we know we were about to step into a surreal world. All of a sudden men and women with umbrellas and green apples appeared (remind you of a certain painting?)

Marching in

And if you have an umbrella, you should dance with it:


With herself?

But then everyone started falling:


But then they got up and started spinning their umbrellas:

The reason behind all of this is because a Magritte Museum just opened (the day we left sadly) and Magritte was Belgian. So a wonderful surreal performance took over the street:


It was a sunny day so this kind of made sense:

Enjoy the Sun

There were fun photo shoots set up all over the square (which had been renamed for the day) and this one in the background has a saying which translates as this is not a couple, a play on one of Magritte’s famous painting of a pipe where he wrote “this is not a pipe” (in French of course).

Photo shoot

This is not Place Magritte, really it isn't

And I am a big believer in don’t fight them, join them. So my dad and I did:


After we left the Magritte paradise we wandered a sunny city:

Flag Up = King in Country

City Jardin

And when in Belgium you must have some kriek so:

Cherry Beer

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