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Chocolate Tears are the Best

From Caen we took a train to Rouen. Rouen is a charming town which is a great day trip spot. The town is known for the cathedral which Monet painted 20 some odd times as well as being the place where Joan of Arc was burned to death. It is a nice town to just walk around in.

Where she burned

The cathedral is enormous and after we saw it we headed to the Beaux Arts Museum where we were able to see a few of the paintings which Monet did of the cathedral.


The center of town is cobble stoned and there are quite a few streets which are pedestrians only. There is a beautiful clock that is on top of a curved passageway which you can walk underneath.

What time is it?

This was one of the beautiful building-lined streets:


So you may be wondering about local delicacies (which of course there always are). There are a few things in this region. Rouen specifically has larmes de Jeanne d’Arc (tears of Joan of Arc) which are a type of chocolate covered almonds. They are tasty although a bit pricey. Calvados, the apple liquor is also big (we bought a bottle, I’ll keep you all posted when we try it) as are the alcoholic apple ciders (cidre). And I saw this amazing macaron tier cake (looks like I may have to find an excuse to throw a party):


In the 1500s a plague struck Rouen so there was a large plague cemetery where they essentially piled the bodies. We went and visited this spot (Aitre Saint Maclou, the church Saint Maclou is also very nice) and there are some interesting carvings there:


I mentioned the Beaux Arts Museum earlier. It had a nice collection and I would recommend visiting it, if not for the centuries old art, then for the staircase:


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  1. ikostrubiak #

    Hope I get invited to that party – do you have a set date yet?? See you are having a great time with the parental units – make sure Mama gets enough vitamin C (Chocolate, that is!!)…Have a great summer!!

    June 1, 2009
  2. Tania #

    Macaroon party. Your house. The night you get back. okay?

    June 2, 2009

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