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Allez, Allez!

Hello French Open

Yesterday we ventured out to Roland-Garros to watch the French Open. A few months ago I waited up until the wee hours of the morning clicking so that I could get tickets and voila, my work paid off. We were able to get into one of the big stadiums and saw some good early round matches (plus all of the players walking around the annex courts).

First up for the day was another -ova, in this case it was Svetlana Kuznetsova easily beating the French wild card Claire Feuerstein. But nothing is ever simple in life and after a few games it started coming down so we had lunch during a two hour rain delay.

Rain Delay

It finally cleared up (although it was freezing the entire day and the day before it had been in the upper 80s, make up your mind silly weather!). Then we got to watch home-country favorite Gael Monfils. He beat American Bobby Reynolds and I am going to make a future prediction here: he will be the future of French mens tennis – he is young and good.


Before I move on to describe the highlight match, let’s play a game, Where is Waldo style, I spy a Napoleon hat in the crowd. Do you?

Men should wear these more

And you know what is great about annex courts? Oh hi, Marty Fish.


Then we saw the fashion queen herself, Serena Williams. Klara Zakopalova of the Czech Republic gave her quite the run and took it to three sets.

Ms. Williams

Earn that Money

But I have to say that I really did like Serena’s shoes. I thought they were pretty cool:

Orange on the Clay

While Serena was playing my dad walked around and saw Nadal and Roddick practicing. But then we finished the day and got to see Fabrice Santoro a French two-handed underdog player who my dad and I like.


Well sorry for the sports over-load blog. I enjoy watching tennis so it was a fun day for me. Today we spent the day in Caen and went on D-Day beach tours so I will post soon about that. I leave you with a photo of the Promenade des Plantes near Opera Bastille that stretches along what was an old track (metro or train, can’t recall) into the 12th. It is a really nice jogging spot:


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