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When it rains it pours, when it’s sunny it’s hot

Currently I am watching a light show out the window – lightening. The last four days in Paris have been warm, sunny and wonderful. But today was humid which of course leads to rain. The day before my parents arrived Shirin and I decided to take a long Metro ride to Parc de la Villette. This is an interesting park and I felt as though I was not in Paris. There is a large sphere geode sculpture and red sculptures known as the folies all over the park.

Like the movie Sphere

People were out in full force enjoying the first real sunny day and there was an African dance class:

Dance like no one is watching

Yesterday we walked through the Jardin de Luxembourg and it was sardine sitting:

Where can I sit?

We also celebrated the end of classes by going to a cool bar that was actually on a boat on the Seine. There was a nice view of the bridges of Paris at night:

Black lights

My parents arrived Friday so the last few days I have been playing tour guide and I have gotten to see all of the sights of Paris again. The major difference is that it is sunny and nice now (not the case in January). We have hit up all of the major sights and took a bateau mouche cruise. It is definitely Seine bank chilling season here now. So here are some highlight photos I have taken:

Notre Dame Gardens


Sparkling Waters

When we went to see Notre Dame we headed to the front of the island and we saw the Holocaust memorial that is there (it is down some stairs so I didn’t realize it was there before). And there was this quote that I thought was really touching and beautiful:

Your Shadow

My parents were quite eager to try some macarons and I guess they did miss me because we bought quite the box at Ladurée. They have admitted that I did not over-exaggerate on this blog, they really are wonderful pastries:


We have been walking a lot and I have seen some neat sculptures and displays in the last few days. The moving lips were featured in the new Sabrina movie with Harrison Ford (not as good as the original) and are next to Center Pompidou:

Moving Lips

This is a new solar-powered light installation in a small park in the Marais:

Night Lights

So I hope all is well with everyone. Tomorrow morning we are heading to the French Open to see some tennis (fingers crossed for no rain and for bumping into Andre Agassi) and then we will be visiting the D-Day beaches and Rouen in the next few days as well so I will write more soon (just to please Tania). I hope it is sunny wherever you are, profitez-bien!

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  1. Tania #

    haha you’re awesome. Although having your parents there does give you a pass on updating :) Have fun at the French Open (!!!!) and in Rouen!

    May 26, 2009
  2. Tania #

    Oh. um, I did not realize that smiley face would be converted into an actual cartoon.

    May 26, 2009
  3. Becca #

    i went to parc de la villette while i was staying in the st. christopher’s hostel! my friends were pooped and took a nap so i decided to wander and after about 10 minutes of walking i ended up there.

    i miss paris a LOT. i wish i were there right now…sigh.

    i guess i miss you a LITTLE too. i’m home and it’s boring and all i want to do is move into our lorise.

    May 29, 2009

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