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Paris, je t’aime

Ah, it’s official: I finished my last paper and I guess I am a junior now. So after I finished my paper today I went for a nice long walk (the goal was actually to sell back some books but I got a bit sidetracked in some stores) and it was great because it was warm enough that I could be comfortable in a t-shirt! It was glorious! Here are a few nice things I saw on my walk this afternoon.

Men with baguettes always make me happy:

Care to share?

Parisians are stylish, no matter what they are doing (note: her shoes):


And my stroll took my by the one nice looking uni in Paris, La Sorbonne:


And if I couldn’t ride a motorcycle around Paris I would settle for this sweet car:

Red hot

So a few days ago I ventured into the 7th and 8th to go to the Andy Warhol exhibit (which was awesome!) and then to go to Fauchon. Fauchon’s macarons are up there. Like really high up there, they were delicious. I especially enjoyed the chocolate raspberry combination and the vanilla. I was oddly intrigued by what I guessed to be bubblegum. And since today was a warm day what better way to celebrate the end of the semester than gelato? In Rome you may get heaping scopes but in Paris they shape it like a flower (I think that sums up a lot about both cities):

Pretty Gelato

Here are some things that caught my eye on the way to Fauchon and the Grand Palais for Warhol:


Look Around You

And because if Rome has one, Paris has to have one as well:


Yesterday I took my aunt’s suggestion and went to the Quai Branly Museum. It’s rather close to the Eiffel Tower (see below) and has a nice collection of artificats from around the world:


Somewhere near New Zeland

As far as cultural things outside of the world of museums, I recently watched La Haine. I have been meaning to watch this movie for ages. It was great and if you get a chance I recommend it. The plot revolves around three different young men from the banlieue (suburbs of Paris) and what happens to them in a day. It underlines a lot of unhappiness that immigrants feel here, especially problems which concern the police.

And so I leave you tonight with some nice flowers and the view of the Pantheon from my host family’s living room. My parents are arriving in a day or so, so look for new photos in the next week. Until then.

Pantheon Flowers

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