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Another Day, Another Chateau

This weekend I decided to go to the Loire Valley to see castles. I went with the Club Internationale de Jeunes à Paris (98 Euros, quite the steal for transport and hotel). A friend was supposed to come with me, but the 6:30 a.m. departure time didn’t work out, but I ended up meeting some cool people and seeing some nice castles as well as the lovely countryside of France.

French countryside


Our first castle of the day inspired the castle drawn in the Tintin cartoons and the family still lives here, I wanted to know if they had a son, never did find out, because really this wouldn’t be so bad:


And of course if you have a chateau some interior decorating things are a must:

Metal Man

The garden at Cheverny wasn’t huge compared to the other chateaux but it had a rustic feel to it and also neat glass designs:




The next stop of the day (and also where we spent the night, in town that is, not in the chateau) was Blois. This chateau has many different styles because let’s face it when you are royalty why not build more?


Marble Staircase

And if all of this pretending to be a princess wasn’t enough, there is always Hollywood. Hello actors (see we stumbled on a movie set in the courtyard):

Where's Gerard?

And if you were wondering why this region is called the Loire, it is because of the river:


Blois was a nice town and I enjoyed a good dinner. We did see something quite random, the Magic Museum had mechanical dragons come out of windows:

Pourquoi? / Pourquoi pas?


This was my favorite chateau, perhaps because it was the most groomed and also because I remember learning about it in school:


Bridge and Chateau

This chateau had some interesting historical facts. The long hall over the river (see photo below) housed wounded soldiers during WWI. During WWII the chateau was actually partially in occupied France and partially not (that must have been awkward). This hallway was also used for dance parties:


The jardin was shabby, simply put shabby (read sarcasm):


I understand why the kings came out to this area to hunt, the woods are very nice.


There was also a cool labyrinth in the garden (bushes in photo below):



This was our last stop and also the town where Leonardo Da Vinci spent the last few years of his life (his grave is in the chateau chapel). This chateau was more a fortress, but still huge and impressive:

Part of the chateau

Garden View

Well now I am back in Paris, it was cold and rainy during the whole trip so I am hoping it will be a nice sunny day here in the city of lights tomorrow. Enjoy your evenings.

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  1. Tania #

    Wait, hang on. Is that a walkway made of GLASS SHARDS? Pretty, but it seems like there would be some issues when you try to walk on it.

    It looks like you’re having an amazing time, and I can’t wait to see you when you get home!

    May 18, 2009

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