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Pomp and Circumstance(s)

I write this entry with all of my friends back at Wesleyan in mind. It has been strange being so far away and worrying about all of you and about the sad events of May 6 (I am not going to explain it here, read the NYTimes if you want full coverage). So I just want all of you to know that I have been thinking about you and that I have had Johanna’s family in my thoughts too. So it seems somewhat trivial for me to now write about the last few days in Paris in light of all of this, so I will keep it short with just a few photos.

I have mainly been writing final papers (and checking CT news websites for the last few days). I took a study break to visit the Opera Garnier (another good example to illustrate the opposite of minimalism).

No, this is not Versailles

There are lots of mirrors throughout the building which make for cool effects. The ceiling frescos are also magnificent.


Within the actual performance space

And earlier this afternoon a friend and I made reservations to see the weekly fashion show at Galeries Lafayette (it is free just make reservations online, and be warned it will mainly be other Americans). Galeries Lafayette is the department store in Paris. It is a huge building and also beautifully decorated.

So this is a French mall?

Here are some of my favorite outfits from the show.

Urban Cool

Jackie O look

Adolpho Dominguez

The other night I just needed some time to chill and think so I made a nice dinner and watched the sun set over the city:

Parisian Sunset

I hope everyone is doing alright.

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