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May Flowers and Giverny

Happy May everyone! This past week has been back to school for me and I have spent the last two days watching, analyzing and writing about Le Chagrin et la pitié. This is a documentary film about French collaboration during WWII. It’s very interesting but at four hours plus I am glad I finally finished the paper.

Today my program took us on a trip to Giverny. This is where Claude Monet had his home and gardens and where he painted the famous water lilies. It is about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of Paris (by bus).

Green Bridge

The gardens aren’t very large but they were nice. I really enjoyed the water garden (they call it that there).


After our stroll here we went to see Monet’s home and the gardens there as well.

Iris rows still to bloom

After this we went into the small town and went to the Foundation Claude Monet. There they have some of his paintings and many replicas (most of the originals are in Paris). It was neat to have first seen the gardens and then go to the museum and see which paintings were influenced and done in the gardens. I want to underline how small of a town this really was. So you can imagine my surprise when I bumped into an old professor of mine from Wesleyan (not at all related to my program here). I guess it really is a small world.

French Countryside

The drive back to Paris through the countryside was nice. There are a lot of bright yellow fields (guessing these are mustard seed plants, but my mom should confirm that).

Fields of Gold

As for life back in Paris, May 1 was a national holiday. It is also a tradition for people to buy (and of course sell on every corner) Lily of the Valley for their friends and loved ones. The government doesn’t require a permit for people to sell flowers on the street on this one day of the year so Paris was literally flooded with flowers. I bought a small pot for myself and Mr. Tigrou (who I should add is about 15 years old) managed to jump up onto the highest shelf in my room and smell the flowers.

Tigs and Lilies

Well  I will try and write something at the end of this week but I now have to start my final paper for my European Union class. The question is: Should Turkey be a member of the EU? Something to pense about…

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