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Chartres is Charming

Ah I am officially on spring break (although the thought of the amount of writing I will have to do when I return is not pleasant). So today I decided to hop on a train with some friends and head to Chartres (22 Euros aller-retour); this small town is about a 40min to 1 hour train ride from Paris and it is home to a magnificent cathedral (Monet did a series of paintings here).

Cathedral 1

Cathedral 2

The cathedral is famous for many reasons. One: it is very old. Two: the stained glass is a special color of blue that really has not been recreated in other places (thanks to the oxidized cobalt) and because of this there is a blue Mother Mary stained glass window. Three: there is a cool labyrinth pattern on the floor which is actually a reference to Greek mythology, but of course the Church added Jesus to the story somehow.

Biblical Scenes

Blue Mother

Floor Maze

Prayer Candles

So after looking around in the Cathedral and eating lunch in the jardin behind it, we decided to stroll. Chartres is a cute town and there are canals:



There are a lot of nice parks in Chartres and all of the flowers are in bloom. I have noticed that the French love trimming their trees:

Square Cut

And of course in a town where people come for religious pilgrimages I would stumble on this:

I Spy a Sin

We also stumbled into a beautiful old building that had an art exhibit that was book themed, so all of the artwork corresponded accordingly:


As far as regional dessert specialties (yes, yes I did look in the guide book to see if there were any) there are these peddle shaped meringue covered praline filled small candies called Metchikoffs. We bought them at Au Bon Croissant de Chartres which was a nice bakery and they tasted good. And I leave you with some colorful shutters (another addition I want in/on our home, hope you’re reading this Mom). I won’t be writing for awhile as I am off to Amsterdam and Italy for spring break. So enjoy your week!


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