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Springtime means strolling

In the last two days I have walked for eight straight hours. After walking out of Liberation the other day, my phone rang and I was informed I didn’t need to babysit so I decided to walk home. I have to say that I really enjoyed the short internship. All of the people were very nice and French journalists have a sense of humor. I was working in the foreign desk so of course they had the TV on to watch the NATO summit in Strasbourg. When Sarkozy and Obama were standing next to each other one of the journalists said, “Look small man, small country. Big man, big country.” In case it’s not clear, Sarkozy is short (which sadly limits Carla’s shoe selection).

My walks had some goals but it was mainly to walk, look around, and just relax. I love Paris because you always see something new and the people watching (and style-watch) is spectactular. So the following is mainly a photo recap of neat things on strolls. After leaving the paper I headed in the wrong direction but I am glad I did because I saw this:


Then I walked back in the correct direction (stopping along the way at a department store, because there is a week long sale. I may or may not have bought a fabulous coat for half off). But then as I crossed a bridge heading towards Notre Dame I stumbled on a few performers:


I have to say that the French have a thing for puppets. Guignols as they are called are featured a lot in plays and there is a TV show that uses just puppets to make fun of politicians:

Puppet Time

Sorry this next one is a smidge blurry. By the time I turned around and took the photo the classically clad children with their awesome backpacks were pretty far down the street:

Old School Backpacks

I was very tempted by this next photo (but I have self-restraint). The macaroon on the far right is also the biggest one I have seen to date:


Okay my stroll today did have a goal. I wanted to go to Dalloyau (yeah, it’s a macaroon store) and I also wanted to go to a museum. I was successful with both goals. On my way to the chichy macaroon store I walked along the Seine because there is a scultpure garden at the top of the 5th.

Seine through sculpture

People were fishing. Although I think a fish from the Seine might be a bit fishy (pun intended):


The flavors I bought today were caramel, cognac, some kind of tea, and the best one was an abricot rice combination. I took my treats and went to Place des Voges and sat on a bench and chilled for a little:

Place des Voges

More Macaroons

The musem I went to today was Musée Carnavalet also known as Musée de l’Histoire de Paris (Paris History Museum). I really enjoyed this museum. It went through the history of Paris starting from Roman times. Some of the rooms were replicas of old hotel ballrooms or rooms of famous Parisians. The building the museum is in is historic and beautiful itself. There are also jardins in inner courtyards. The museum is very easy to get lost in as it winds in odd ways (like Parisian streets!). When I finally found the exit the museum guard applauded and congratulated me.

Carnavalet Garden

I then strolled home through the Marais. I was extremely tempted to stop at Legay Choc (a bakery that specializes in baguettes in “interesting” shapes) but I will wait for another day for that one. After passing Notre Dame I saw some interesting people:

Tippy Toes


I often saw couples in Ukraine take photos near famous monuments after getting married. I wonder if this is a Parisian tradition. I’ll wait and see as it continues to warm up.

Nice Day for a White Wedding

And I leave you some flowers. Enjoy your day.

Women smelling flowers

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