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If it’s Thursday, Protest!

Till April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom/Holiday tables under the trees/April in Paris, this is a feeling/That no one can ever reprise/I never knew the charm of spring/I never met it face to face/I never knew my heart could sing. -Ella Fitzgerald “April in Paris”

I have a come to a mathematical conclusion: if it is Thursday in France, and if it is a nice sunny day, you will encounter a protest. I was walking to class today and I saw another huge protest but this time people were jumping as well. Why you might ask? Well they were chanting something along the lines of if you’re not a fan of Sarkozy – jump! So as you can imagine, a lot of jumping!

When Sorbonne students get upset...

Ah April in Paris! Today was beautiful. Sadly I spent most of the day indoors at Liberation but that was fun. I translated some headlines into English for them to dispatch and such. And I also learned something on April 1 while I was at the newspaper. Poisson d’avril (fish of April) which I thought was a high school French class urban legend does actually exist. If you didn’t have the joy of high school French, this fish joke involves cutting out a paper fish and sticking it to someone’s back for an April Fool’s joke. One the editors was walking around with a fish on his back. It was pretty hilarious in a spite-the-boss kind of way.

In museum news, I ventured into the *gasp banlieu *gasp (that means suburb) to a cool contemporary art museum: MAC-VAL. They had some really cool art, but I was especially thankful we had a guide who explained the concepts behind some of it to us. This was my favorite jardin statue. Yup a smoking cat:

Better than dogs playing poker

Speaking of cats, guess who snuggled with me the other day and looked super cute:

Okay 1, 2, 3: Aw

As far as non-cat related things, I saw this graffiti the other day and I thought it was cool because the accordian reminds me of Paris and of Sasha’s dad (shout out to George):

Spare a dime?

And in cool buildings I have seen recently, there is the Opera Garnier, which I had to meet in front of to get on the bus to go to Saint Malo:


And as far as going to church, I go a lot. I walk in, take a look and leave (just kidding I think I might go for real on Sunday). But this was one of those lucky lighting things in the church in St. Germain-de-Pres:

God Light

Enjoy your Friday and weekend. I will be writing papers and taking macaron breaks!

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