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Walking on the Bottom of the Sea

I must apologize that I haven’t written a blog in about a week. Here are my excuses: I had to write papers, I now babysit twice a week and I went on a trip. I’ll write a Paris update at the end of this week (as I have papers and a three day internship at Libération: coming up this week.)

But this weekend I travelled North to Mont Saint Michel and Saint Malo. I loved the trip (besides having to wake up extremely early). The trip was through a Club of Youth in Paris and they transported us there and provided a hostel and tours. The price was very decent and the best part is that I didn’t pay for this trip, my program in Paris did.

So Mont Saint Michel is one of those places I have seen photos of since my earliest French classes:

Out of Nowhere

The town was built in a pyramid style up on the hill and at the top is an incredible abbey. We took a tour of the abbey but the best part was the view from the top. Saint Michel isn’t really considered an island, simply on the seaside. The sand and bog-like waters which go around the faux-island are gorgeous, but be careful numerous people told us you can get caught in the sand, it is really more like a thick mud:

View From Above

Yellow Moss
There is a very small city and it is charming to walk through.

The Abbey

Next we went to Saint Malo. Walking into town that evening along the elevated coastal path was exciting. Mainly because the waves were huge and were crashing over:


After one of the best French dinners so far (traditional fish soup, mussels in a Normandie style: cidre, apples, and a caramel crepe made with the town’s famous sea salt caramel) I passed out. If you should be in Saint Malo, Restaurant de la Place was great; it was a husband-wife duo, she cooked, he served. I felt like I was in their home it was so quaint. And just like all French people outside of Paris, they were very warm and welcoming in the North. It’s not that people are necessarily rude in Paris it is just that Paris is the New York of France, people are in a rush.

These Logs Aren't Stopping the Waves

Before Entering the City

The next day we took a historical tour which I recommend because (I love history) the story of the town is very interesting. Remember the above photos of the far away islands? Well this area is so fascinating because the tide recedes so far back that you can walk out to the islands. People have taken advantage of this by building trails as well as an ocean pool.


The Tide Begins to Receed

Where Did the Pool Come From?!?

And A Path Will Appear

On the Island, Looking At Another Island

Walking on the Moon

All of this was Under the Sea!

The Cathderal was bombed during WWII so the new stained glass is very modern and the light reflects in very cool ways:

St. Vincent

But all good things must end, I have to go to class in about an hour. Enjoy the week. And I leave you with some French humor:

Catch a Wave and You're Sitting On Top of the World

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  1. Kim Sloan #

    I just caught up on your blog! It looks like you are having a fantastic time…lots of sight-seeing! I am sure you are catching on to the language very quickly! The macaroons looked Enjoy the fine food as much as you can and it is certainly a good thing you started a work out routine! I miss you and cannot wait to hear all your amazing stories!!!

    March 30, 2009
  2. Kim Sloan #

    *picking up on the language very quickly, whoops

    March 30, 2009
  3. Tania #

    Oh my god. I hope you have the next week free because I am currently hopping on a plane to Saint Malo and will be expecting you to meet me there.

    April 1, 2009

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