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Jour du Yummy!

Every now and again chance and fortune smile on people. My day came on Friday. Shirin, Sam and I decided to pay Pierre Hermé (he is up on the top of the list as far as macaroon greats, and of course his pieces of joy aren’t cheap) a visit. Little did we know but March 20 was Jour du Macaron! So we stood in line and received three free macaroons. The flavors we sampled were fusions of interesting ingredients, for example: Chocolat et Foie Gras, Huile d’Olive (olive oil) et Vanille, and Mandarine et Baies Roses (Bay Rose) to name a few. Some the macaroons were even shiny (notice jealous pigeons in background):

Good and Pretty

Worth the Wait

It was a sunny day (although windy) so we wandered the St. Germain area a bit:


And of course I would find this and there was also a bust in the jardin of Shevchenko’s head: (I find it interesting how spellings change with English and French when names are translated)

Shevchenko, not the soccer player

I was lucky enough to have coffee with my French professor from Wesleyan who was in Paris for a few days. After hearing that I have been living in the 5em and not visited the Musée National du Moyen Age (also known as the Cluny) I was told I had to go. And I must say that I am really glad that I went (thanks for the tip). It’s a fantastic museum (artifact and building-wise). The tapestries are beautiful and some of the rooms are beautiful designed:

Don't Loose Your Head

Middle Age Cathedral Room

Now I have a date with a certain man named Godot, I hope he won’t keep me waiting too long. Happy Sunday!

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