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See It All In A Day

You know those New York Times Travel section stories that go something like “only have 36 hours? well you can see everything in this city.” Well NYTimes you can see everything in Paris in one day (sort of). Alyssa and I walked and walked and that led to more walking and before we knew it about 10 miles had gone by. But we saw some nice things on our stroll (or hike, whichever term you prefer) through Paris.

So first we saw the 5th, then Notre Dame, and then Orsay. This is great old clock on the outside:

Orsay Clock

Then we went and saw this thing, it’s pretty famous. This is from the Trocadero. There is a very famous photo of Hitler standing in this exact stop after the Nazis took over Paris (seriously Google it):

Trocadero View

And this was a neat statute outside of the Grand Palais (7 days until Warhol):

Grand Palais

In other news I conquered another macaroon store: Gerard Mulot. I recommend this place mainly because they have all the traditional flavors in addition to a monthly flavor and an amazing combination flavor: passion fruit and basil (sounds weird but was fantastic!). Let the macaroon hunt continue. I am heading to the Côte d’Azur this weekend so we shall see if macaroons are different there.

Gerard Macaroons

And when eating macaroons you should dance too, just something Alyssa and I stumbled on:

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  1. Alyssa #

    Dear Lydia,

    It was more than 10 miles.


    March 11, 2009

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