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And So the Seasons Begin to Change

Of course I have played outdoor games. I once played dominoes in an open air cafe in Paris. -Oscar Wilde

Today was a glorious day for three reasons: I didn’t wear my ski jacket. I didn’t wear any gloves. I didn’t wear a hat to shield my head from cold gusts. It has officially begun (fingers crossed that this isn’t a fluke); spring is in the air and the amount of joggers I am now seeing can’t dispute this fact. In fact, I have decided something crazy – I am going to start jogging (I will keep you all posted on this one). See the sky is blue:

Hello Mr. Blue Sky

In other news, I decided to cook my host family a traditional Ukrainian meal. For anyone who has ever tried to cook Ukrainian food this is not exactly a quick or easy feat. So after two days of slaving in the kitchen I was able to produce 78 perfect potato filled varenyky (I was so proud of myself):


I also took a French cooking class last week. It was a wonderful experience. The man who taught the class is a host parent and he was super nice so I plan to go back in the spring and take another class (and this is the last food photo of what I cooked for this entry at least). The dish that you see is a papillote de poulet. Essentially you put everything into a tin foil packet and bake it. Of course don’t forget the creme fraiche:

Thursday night I went to Cafe de la Danse to see M. Ward play a show. Ward was absoultely terrific and the venue was the perfect size just off Rue de Lappe (also perfect for post-show shenanigans should you wish). Barbara Carlotti opened for Ward. She is a French singer and actually (shocking) sang in French. I loved her song Tunis. She is on iTunes if anyone is interested.

Well I leave you with a hello from my favorite French cat avec beret (hehe):

Tigre Asleep...Again

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  1. Tania #

    hahahahahaaaa. hahahahaa. ahahahaaa.

    Oh. Was the jogging thing not a joke?

    March 6, 2009

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