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“You haven’t been to the Louvre?”

Life is very singularly made to surprise us (where it does not utterly appall us). -Rainer Maria Rilke

So after 40+ days in France I have visited numerous museums and tried to become a more cultured person. My host family was a little appalled that I hadn’t visited the Louvre yet. Well, Pish-posh, I have just been avoiding the lines but on Wednesday evening I went with my host sister and a friend of hers (the museum is open later on Wed. and Fri. evenings, until 9:30, they say 10 but they kick you out before). It was not a shabby place, I think I shall return.

Le Louvre

This here is a lovely photo of lots of people taking photos of some lady, they call her La Joconde (which my host sister says is a type of bird) in French:

A Mona Lisa Smile

The French have a great love for Napoleon and his tomb is in Les Invalides (which was used as a military hospital). Les Invalides is a nice building to look at and also has several museums inside. I went to the WWI and WWII museum and I really enjoyed it.

Les Invalides

This is Napoleon’s tomb. The immediate question that I asked my friend was: “Do you think he has enough leg room in there?” And this was of course followed by, “Do you think he was trying to compensate for something?”

Napoleon's Final Resting Place

In the gift shop at Les Invalides I discovered the greatest book ever written for children: (If anyone wants to get me a gift, feel free).

My Birthday Gift?

This afternoon was lovely. I spent time in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area. I should really go there more often. There are galleries, shops and restaurants and it is just a fun place to stroll in. This evening I went to absurdist land and saw Ionesco’s Les Chaises at La Comédie-Française and it was excellent. I also finally went to Shakespeare and Company which is an English language book store at the top of the fifth. I bought a book of Rilke’s poetry. And what does one do with a book of poetry? Step one proceed to cafe, step two order a glass of wine, step three read poetry to irritated friends :)

I’ll be heading to Belgium for my Feb. break so enjoy the next few days and in the words of Rilke remember that, “Love is like the measles. The older you get it the worse the attack.”

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  1. Tania #

    You’ve been in Paris for 40 days already?! It seems like you just left a few weeks ago!

    February 21, 2009

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