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Sous le Ciel de Paris

On dit qu’au delà des mers/Là-bas sous le ciel clair/Il existe une cité/Au séjour enchanté/Et sous les grands arbres noirs/Chaque soir/Vers elle s’en va tout mon espoir/J’ai deux amours/Mon pays et Paris/Par eux toujours/Mon cœur est ravi – Madeline Peyroux “J’ai Deux Amours”

Ah, the last few days have been delicious and I have now come to a conclusion: I am a macaroon addict. It is becoming a serious problem and I don’t know what I will do when I return to the US. So to feed my addiction, as well as my friend Shirin’s addiction, we have decided that every Friday will now involve going to the best macaroon pastry shops in Paris. So we went to Ladurée (read extremely expensive) and split a box of six mini macaroons (read splurge) we tried: rose, mango jasmine, citrus, pistachio, dark chocolate, and caramel and we proceeded to eat them like real junkies in the Metro. Needless to say, we were probably the happiest people in Paris at this point in time. (The boxes the macaroons come in are beautiful!)

Macaroon Heaven

There were lovely heart-shaped macaroons for Valentine’s Day, but Shirin and I are practical people and wanted to sample as many flavors as we could. On the way to the macaroon shop I happened to see this and have now decided I will have to buy an Eiffel Tower shaped baguette at some point:

Je voudrais une baguette

Before all of the macaroon craziness, I visited the Musée Jaquemart-André on Boulevard Haussman (thanks for the tip Aunt Jackie). It’s a beautiful mansion in the heart of Paris with an impressive collection of art (and also a great example of why one revolution was not enough for France).


The tea room at the museum was kind of shabby (read sarcasm):

Tea Room

I had an amazing tea. So amazing that I wrote down the name of the brand on the bag and decided that I would google it. As Shirin and I were walking to the macaroon Mecca we happened to stumble upon the brand’s store. I was overjoyed and proceeded to buy loose leaf tea (I am very easily pleased: macaroons and tea). We then took a stroll on Ave. Montaigne; should you ever need to find any designer of any importance, this is the street. Earlier in the day we went into Chanel and were followed around by one of the workers (I was too scared to touch anything anyways).

I have had nice views of Paris from public transportation the last few days. This was on my way to speaking English on Thursday:

Metro Eiffle Tower View

This was when I got off the Metro the other day:


And I leave you with a poster advertising my favorite French actor in a new movie:

Depardieu is the name

Ah, I am now officially in France!

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  1. Ako #

    Wow, that’s a lot of flavors of macaroons… Lucky you!

    February 15, 2009

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