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Viva la grève!

Alright for everyone who does not study/speak French I would like to teach you a new vocabulary word: grève (f). Grève can be defined as what happens when French people are unhappy and decide to spread and share this mauvais (bad) attitude with everyone else in the general population. Actual meaning of the word: strike. So the transportation system is going on a one-day strike tomorrow (black Thursday). I love the Metro here; it is efficient and you can go most places with it very easily. So I am a little malheureuse.


As far as more explorations, I visited the Montparnasse Cemetery. Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, and Serge Gainsbourg (among others) call this their final resting place. There are some very interesting grave stones and the cemetery itself is interesting as tall buildings are just outside the walls. Women leave a lot of thank you notes on de Beauvoir’s grave thanking her for her insight; Sartre had no such thank you’s, so I will go ahead and say thanks for writing, “Hell is other people.”

Sartre and de Beauvoir

Only in France would this be an appropriate grave stone:

Woah there, Mr. Angel

Although this was just cool:

Praying Hands

I went to class on Tuesday (turns out the film department is just too cool to be on strike) and sat through six hours of class! After this mental exhaustion I woke up today and got my hair cut (fringe is the French word for bangs). I also visited the Mosquee of Paris. I was starting to miss palm trees and this just comes to prove you can find one just about anywhere that isn’t covered in ice and snow.


Palm Tree


I also walked around the Latin Quarter more today and walked into Eglise Saint Etienne du Mont which in my opinion has the coolest spiral staircase I have ever seen in a church. Also, the patron saint of Paris, Genevieve’s coffin is  in this church.

Spiral Staircase

So I’m thinking about eating a lot of dessert tomorrow because it looks like if I want to get somewhere, I’ll be walking!

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  1. kirstin #

    THIS is the one i wanted to comment on.

    1) I vote you eat a lot of dessert tomorrow. or two days ago or however the time changes.

    2) I thought the expression was vive not viva? am I wrong? no? i’m not sure now…

    3) I don’t think i would leave Sartre a thank you note either. he did not improve my senior year french class.

    4) i like the staircase too. when we visited a church in New Mexico, there was a double helix staircase with no support column and railing only on one side. peut-etre moins cool mais plus scary.

    January 31, 2009
  2. haha, this sounds a bit Frenchy to me. actually, there’s a part in Sartre’s The Age of Reason that goes a little like this, only a bit melancholic… lovely pics, cute narration. regards! :)

    May 17, 2012

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