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1789: A Bad Year for Aristocracy and Architecture

In the last few days I visited a few museums (shocking, I know). The Modern Art Museum (fantastic!) is next to the Palais de Tokyo, which is currently under renovation until mid-February. The doll museum (musee de la poupee) was a bit creepy. Some of the dolls look possessed. I also went to the Fashion Museum. This museum was a bit small for the price, however, they had a great exhibit of dresses from the 1850s-70s (and people wonder why there were class uprisings in France? 1789 was a good year for the people who weren’t exactly eating “cake”).

We ventured outside of Paris and visited two interesting places. The first was the Abbaye de Royaumont. One thing that has become clear on tours is that what World War Two did to Germany and a lot of Eastern Europe, the French Revolution did to France. Meaning, our tour guide would say things such as, “There was a beautiful church here in the abbey, but it was destroyed during the Revolution.”


The Remainder of the Church

After this we headed to Chateau de Chantilly. This is a beautiful chateau that is famous for horse races held on the grounds. Also quite a few films have had scenes shot here, including a Bond movie. We had lunch in the chateau (and I could get used to that). It was a great three course lunch and although I assume it was pricey, I would suggest if you visit that you have lunch there; it’s just a neat experience.


Entrance Chantilly


Also I was beginning to doubt that the sun ever shined in France but I was proved wrong at the chateau (yet to see if this is true for Paris as it continues to drizzle):


As far as life back in Paris, the soldes (sale season) are in full force. The price reductions are great until you convert back to the dollar (okay I admit I’ve purchased a few things). I’ve also started a weekly habit of going market shopping on Sundays and it is great to just walk around and look at all of the stands, all of the great fruits and veggies make me want to cook.

And I leave you with a funny note, this is one of the French Obama songs that my host family showed me:

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  1. Tania #

    “Also I was beginning to doubt that the sun ever shinned in France”

    haha actually, I doubt the sun has ever shinned anywhere :)

    January 27, 2009
  2. kirstin #

    lollllllllll i just cracked up at what my sister said…i def didn’t realize the spelling error.

    anyway this wasn’t the post i wanted to comment on…

    January 31, 2009

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