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Where does an American in Paris go?

…the answer to this question is clearly McDonalds. Yes, this is where I went first when I got to Paris. If you thought I was a classy person…You think I’m kidding but the catch is McDonalds has free wireless and I figured I should let my parents know that I was alive.

After very little sleep (and did I mention I’m sick right now?) we went exploring. It is freezing in Paris right now. In fact it hasn’t been this cold since 1985, lucky me. There is ice and some snow on the ground. The Christmas decorations are still up and the streets look beautiful at night with lots of lights. My aunt Jackie and uncle Alphonse are here for a few days and took me out for a nice dinner and explained the Metro system (thank God).
Christmas Lights in Paris
One deep thought: it is true – everything is cuter and sexier in French. Even the babies here are cuter. I don’t know what it is. And trying to buy a cellphone and asking about chargers just sounds prettier… More to come in the next couple days and when I move in with my family.


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